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AEQ has been developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment, automation systems and production systems for radio, television and multimedia, for 30 years. With its commitment to high quality products and services, AEQ is an ISO 9001 certified company. In the broadcasting market, the company offers high quality products with innovative and strong engineering designs, at very competitive prices.

AEQ has serviced an array of customers worldwide with its advanced audio technology, telephone communications expertise, audio storage applications and automation of multimedia production and broadcasting.

Moreover, AEQ has been present at the major international sport events such as the Salt Lake and Torino Winter and the Athens Summer Olympics and was instrumental in providing the audio signal to a worldwide audience during the transmission of those major sport events.

As a prominent broadcast equipment manufacturer, AEQ dedicates 25% of its human resources to R&D. This strong commitment to cutting edge technology has resulted in the introduction of new products every year for the last 12 years.

AEQ is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, with an office in the USA, since 1993. There are established AEQ offices in Portugal and in the UK.

The NEW “Capitol” Digital On-Air Console


IO and specifications:
• 4 mic./line mono inputs, configurable with phantom power.
• 2 USB (I/O) digital stereo inputs
• 4 AES/EBU digital stereo inputs that can be configured as SPDIF
• 12 analog inputs (configurable mono or stereo)
• 4 AES/EBU digital stereo outputs that can be configured as SPDIF
• 8 analog outputs (configurable mono stereo)
• Talkback
• Separate control room & studio monitor o/p’s
• 15 Programable function buttons
• bargraph level meters
• Built-in 2 line digital telephone hybrid
• MADI IO interface


The “Forum” Digital On-Air Console


AEQ’s FORUM is a self-contained digital audio mixing console specifically designed to meet the most rigorous demands of radio and television ON-AIR broadcasting. Its flexible design allows it to readily be adapted to any ON-AIR application. FORUM incorporates all of the features necessary for use in environments requiring: automatic monitor speaker cut-off, cough muting, fader start, control signaling, interface signaling for automation of external equipment, external communications management, intercom, etc.

Thanks to its well thought out, self-contained modular design and reduced footprint, FORUM adapts perfectly to any environment: auto-control, studio control, television production, sound production, mixed configurations, integration in large installations, etc.Simplicity and control power are combined into the FORUM to satisfy ease of operation – from the most basic to the most advanced requirements. The control surface can be configured with a minimum of 4 faders, but is easily expanded to 8 or 12 channel faders. An enlarged chassis allows up to 20 Faders.

Main features:

  • Configurable monitoring for all system signals.
  • 4 direct-routing buttons on each channel
  • Silent operation by convection cooling
  • Integrated talk-back microphone input, 2 precision stereo VU meters and pre-fader monitor speakers.
  • Supports a maximum of 14 input/output modules: 4 can be dual MICRO / LINE modules, and 2 can be digital hybrids.
  • Integrated MICRO/LINE input for talk-back and self-operation, studio and control room speaker and headphone outputs.
  • Supports AES/EBU and S-PDIF digital formats.
  • MADI bi-directional fiber-optic connection for 64 digital audio channels (optional).
  • 8 GPI and 8 GPO (opto-isolated) and 4 GPO relay outputs.
  • Available audio effects: 3 band equalizer, high pass and low pass filters, compressor/limiter, and noise gate.8 GPO (opto-isolated) and 4 GPO relay outputs.


BRAVO Analogue On-Air Console

AEQ’s BRAVO as a replacement, to the award-winning BC-300. The BC300 was actually launched at NAB 1996, and quickly became accepted as a quality broadcast On-Air Mixing console. The BRAVO builds on this highly successful product, while incorporating many user suggestions as well as other new features. The BRAVO meets the same basic requirements of the BC-300. This console was designed to offer professional technology and features; it delivers the highest sound quality while working 24 hours a day 7 days a week at an affordable price. The Bravo is ideally suited to small and medium-sized radio stations.

Just some of the features the BRAVO has as standard:

  • 4 mic / line channels
  • 8 dual stereo line channels
  • 1 dual telephone channel with hybrids included
  • 2 stereo program buses
  • Stereo CUE bus with built-in loudspeakers
  • Stereo monitoring output with built-in power amplifier
  • Headphones output


OPERA Analogue On-Air Console

In 1994 AEQ launched the extremely reliable, and very popular  BC-500 audio mixing console for the broadcast market. Building on this highly successful product line, AEQ is now launching its replacement – the OPERA.  While OPERA has the same basic features as the BC-500, it now provides the discerning professional audio engineer with up-to-date technology and great new features – delivering superb sound quality, reliable 24x7x365 operation, a perfect fit for medium to large radio station operations. 

Just some of the features the OPERA has as standard:

  • New aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • User friendly design and operation
  • Modularity for easy maintenance
  • Fully adjustable monitor bridge
  • Large, bright dual VU meters
  • High quality two-way stereo monitor speakers
  • Auto-ranging and efficient power supply
  • No-maintenance LED illuminated switches
  • RF filters on inputs
  • Balanced transformer on Mic – Line Inputs and Outputs
  • Fader Start and VCA signal control on faders
  • Standard chassis – accommodates 17 individual Input / Output channels
  • Two standard configurations to choose from – Studio or Auto control
  • Totally configurable per your requirements
  • Option of 1 or 2 digital telephone hybrids Conference between telephone hybrids


ARENA Digital Audio Mixing Console

Arene Digital On-Air Console
ARENA’s design concept satisfies the diverse working environments of radio station operations around the world. Easily configured for use in television, ARENA can be adapted for any operational requirement.


Perfectly suited as an ON-AIR console: fader start, cough muting, monitor muting, control room and studio signaling, intercom, monitoring of all signals present in the system, remote control of hybrids and codecs, etc.

Modular control panel with built-in configuration memory, combined with motorized faders and fader pages, and flexible designation of inputs and outputs to each fader. All major functions have their own exclusive buttons.

Each channel’s controls provide direct access to primary output busses or to the primary system functions. Simultaneous control of variables or multiple studios, and the capability to function as a Mix-Minus mixer with an unlimited number of N-1 circuits. In this mode of operation the control channels act as I/O channels.

Maximum security: Auto-start and configuration back-up. Hot-swappable boards. Optional full redundancy of system components.

Wide range of processing capability: equalization, dynamics, delay, and more.

AES 10 MADI module: for sending inputs and outputs over coax or fiber-optic cable.

32 programmable keys with associated displays for integration with other equipment: configured for specific system operation via software and firmware. General Purpose I/O inputs and outputs.


Phoenix Studio & Mobile Codecs

AEQ has launched two new models of codec, the PHOENIX STUDIO and PHOENIX MOBILE IP audiocodec.

Phoenix Studio

Phoenix Studio

PHOENIX STUDIO is an IP audiocodec, in a single 1 U rack-mountable case, with stereo analogue and digital inputs and outputs and universal power supply (90-250V AC). The PHOENIX also has two slots for inserting optional communication modules: POTS, ISDN, X21, V35 and GSM.  Indeed the modular approach of the PHOENIX means that future modules can be easily developed depending upon market preferences.

Phoenix Mobile

Phoenix Mobile

PHOENIX MOBILE is an IP audiocodec for portable use, with a digital mixer with four analogue inputs, internal LI-ION battery, protective cover and 12V DC power supply/charger. It has two slots for inserting optional communication modules, such as POTS, ISDN (RDSi), X21/V35 and GSM. Indeed the modular approach of the PHOENIX means that future modules can be easily developed depending upon market preferences.

The PHOENIX models, in addition to the main program and return, can simultaneously provide a backup (or coordination) channel utilising the optional communication modules.

The PHOENIX has been designed to ensure interoperability with both present and future AEQ and third-party equipment. Therefore it is equipped with a great variety of encoding formats and can easily be upgraded to other formats as the market matures.

AEQ LISTENER 8, a new way to see, listen and record your on-air signal and those of the competition.  The AEQ LISTENER 8 is designed to manage the main settings of 8 AM/FM signals in real time. AEQ LISTENER 8 is a system of eight FM/AM receivers that allows the simultaneous visualization of the main parameters of your radio station such as tuning, lack of sub-carrier, stereo and mute through luminous and acoustic (buzzer) indicators and a front display panel. AEQ LISTENER 8 has eight outputs making it easy to record the tuned stations, you can monitor the desired station through the built-in speaker or through a headphone port

TH-03 – Digital telephone hybrid with frequency extender incorporated. 

Capable of operating with single or dual lines. Independent outputs line level, or multiplexed output provided by its unique multiplexing capabilities. (Second) Working with dual lines permits telephone multiconference, allowing the On Air personality and two callers to talk and listen to each other simultaneously. 

Feedback is eliminated by the digital hybrid. No adjustments required to operate. 

AM-03 & AM-04
AM-03 & AM-04

AEQ’s AM-03 and AM-04 audio confidence monitors are intended for use in VTR rooms, OB Vans, Television and Radio Control Rooms, and Media Systems – anywhere it’s necessary to monitor the presence and quality of high density audio and video signals.

Both the AM-03 and AM-04 are only one rack unit (1 RU), and include magnetic isolation for use near CRTs and video monitors. Despite their compact footprint, both units offer excellent audio quality because of their multi-stage amplifiers in each channel. The AM family of audio monitors also include basic audio measurement indicators.

The AM-03 is the perfect choice when monitoring analog audio.

The AM-04 is the ideal solution when working with diverse audio formats such as analog, digital AES-EBU, and embedded audio in SDI video signals.

Other products include (but are not limited to) the following:-

EAGLE – ISDN/Leased line Codec,
PAW-120 – Hand-Held digital interview recorder,
DA-26 – Analogue Distributor Amp