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Alva Audio provides a line of products which are designed to perfectly complement the RME range of equipment. This included an extensive selection of professional analogue and digital breakout and interconnection cables, professional optical fibre cables for TOSLink and MADI connectivity as well as high quality 400 & 800Mhz FireWire, Network and other cables. These ensure studios or on-stage life is simple and easy.

Naturally these products aren´t just limited for use with RME devices. There´s much more on offer, for example reasonably priced, ready-made pro audio cables which, given the required specifications, can often be hard to find.


(note:- All 25 way connectors have Tascam pinout)

Digital – breakout:-

Analogue – breakout:-

Optical – TOSlink & MADI:-

SPDIF, Network, FireWire:-

Tools and Adaptors:-

FCYT-AES/EBU Pin-Out Format Converter

D-Sub25 YAMAHA© Pin-Out to D-Sub25 TASCAM© Pin-Out

“FCYT-AES” is to be used to connect devices having a 25-pin D-Sub AES/EBU connector with YAMAHA© pinout format, when using a AES/EBU cable 25-pin D-Sub connector in TASCAM© pin-out format.

“MiC-CAL” Test-Tone Generator

Part No: MiC-Cal


“MiC-CAL” makes it easy to calibrate microphone-inputs to the same level. Simply plug the MIC Calibrator into the microphone input, switch phantom-power “ON” and then adjust your gains.

  • Power: Phantom powered, 48V
  • Output level: -40 dBu
  • Output frequency: 1 kHz


“Loopback” (Tool for RME ADI-6432)

D-Sub25 AES/EBU In/Out Loopback Adapter for ADI-6432

Uses TASCAM Pin-Out Format.

Part No: D-Loop-T


“Loopback” is designed to loop the AES/EBU output signals on 25-pin D-Sub connectors of the RME ADI-6432 to the AES/EBU inputs of the same connector. This way the MADI input channels of the RME ADI-6432 can be “routed” to corresponding MADI output channels.

  • D-Sub: 25-pin male / MHDM series quality (TASCAM Pin-Out Format)
  • Thread: UNC 4/40