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ARX are based in Highett Australia and are designers and manufacturers of a complete range of Pro Audio solutions – equalizers, line mixers and splitters, mic pre-amps, direct boxes, compressors, noise gates, concert and self powered speakers, amplifiers, active mic splitters, and much more.

The ARX web site also contains a wealth of information to help you find products you need.

ARX first time users often comment “It’s so easy to install and set up!” and “It sounds great!” and that’s good, because ARX try and design things that way. To borrow a buzz phrase from the computer industry, the products are ‘user-friendly’. We believe you shouldn’t need a PhD to use any of our products, just a pair of ears and some commonsense.

When ARX founders started the company they dis so because they couldn’t buy a lot of the products they wanted to use. So they set about designing and building products that they felt would make the job easier for the professional installer and the person at the console.

MSX12 Splitter

The ARX MSX 12 Transformer isolated Microphone/Line Splitter has been developed to deliver noise-free audio splitting with minimal setup time. Its intuitive layout and clear, uncluttered labelling enables a quick and easy solution to the increasing complexity of today’s standards of audio production.
The MSX 12 is a totally passive device requiring no power, and consists of Four channels of transformer isolated ultra low noise Microphone/Line Splitter. Each of these channels has a direct looped Main/FOH feed, and a transformer isolated Monitor split on the front panel.


  • Four channel/three way split per channel
  • Passive unit – no power required
  • Ultra low noise design
  • Transformer Balanced Inputs and Outputs
  • Inputs and Main Outputs hard wired to pass Phantom Power
  • Intuitive, ‘user friendly’ layout
  • Flawless audio performance

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ARX Best sellers:-

AFTERBURNER™ – is a unique Multi Mode compressor/limiter designed for use in any professional audio dynamics control application.

Multiple Modes
The Afterburner can be set up and used in three different ways:

  1. In Two channel mode, it performs as two independent compressor/limiters, with ‘industry standard’ variable Threshold, Ratio and Output gain.
  2. In stereo mode, our New Adaptive Stereo Link circuitry provides increased stereo imaging accuracy when linking both channels as a stereo pair.
  3. A single front panel switch puts the Afterburner into its alternative Mono mode, setting it up as a Single channel, Dual Band compressor/limiter, with separate dynamics control of both Low and High frequencies, opening up a whole new range of gain control techniques.

Audio Box – a complete rangeof precision tools designed to perform essential professional audio functions in an ultra compact, flexible package. ‘Little black Blue boxes’ for every audio toolbox!
Power options include Phantom Power as supplied from a mixing console, or 12-15V DC from any suitable external Power Supply. Multiple units can be powered from the Audibox High Density 15V DC Power Supply.

The complete product range comprises:-

  • USB-DI – Transformer isolated dual channel USB audio to balanced XLR output DI box
  • AV DI – Dual channel Active direct box specially configured for AV applications
  • Ear Driver – Headphone amplifier
  • ISO Balancer – Dual channel unbalanced to balanced line converter
  • ISO De-Balancer – Unique dual channel balanced to unbalanced line converter
  • ISO Later – Single or Dual channel transformer isolater
  • ISO Splitter – Single or Dual channel one to two transformer splitter
  • Optimizer – A unique transformer isolated Level optimizer fropm the Audibox range
  • DI Preamp – Single or Dual channel ultra compact mic preamp
  • Pro DI – Single or Dual channel compact direct box
  • Audibox PSU – Power supply for multiple Audibox units